Westpark Tollway

The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority operates approximately 6 miles of the Westpark Tollway beginning at the Fort Bend/Harris County line just east of F.M. 1464 to the Grand Parkway/SH 99. There are two tolling locations in this section of the roadway: the first is near Westmore Road just west of the FM-1464 overpass; the second is near Peek Road.

Both plazas toll the main lanes in both directions. There are no entrance or exit ramp toll plazas on the portion of Westpark operated by Fort Bend County.


The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority was the first toll agency in the United States to eliminate cash from all lanes and move to all electronic toll collection. To use any of the toll roads in Fort Bend County a vehicle must have a valid electronic toll tag issued by any one of the toll agencies in Texas. These include:
- TxTag issued by the Texas Department of Transportation
- EZ-Tag issued by the Harris County Toll Road Authority
- TollTag issued by the North Texas Tollway Authority.

If you do not have an electronic toll tag, and accidentally travel the road, you may call the Customer Support Center (855-999-2024) and make a one-time pre-payment. Future travel will require a toll tag.

Operating a vehicle on any toll road operated by Fort Bend County without a valid electronic toll tag is a violation and can result in a citation, toll violation notice, and additional fines and fees.

No Pay-By-Mail or Video Tolling

The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority does not offer "Pay-By-Mail" or "Video Tolling" as an option. Your vehicle must have an electronic toll tag issued by a member of the statewide interoperability program. All tags issued by other tolling agencies in the state of Texas are accepted; these include EZ-Tag, TxTag, and TollTag.

The operation of any vehicle on any toll road in Fort Bend County that does not have a valid electronic tag will be considered a violation and a toll violation notice will be issued. Toll violation notices include substantial fees in addition to the toll.

Westpark Tollway Rates

Toll Plaza









$1.95 $2.60 $3.35




$1.95 $2.60 $3.25